Another idea was that of self drive pods to ferry people from Temple Meads to the city, again something that did not come to fruition although the automated pod is very definitely a real idea with the concept in use at Heathrow Airport. I am not sure Planet Logistics could get much freight in one of those!! 

Recently there have been reports that a cable car could be coming to the city and that Harbourside could be dyed green!


Some of you may even remember the temporary flyover that was in situ at Recliffe but was demolished a few years back. It was very narrow and a rattled a bit, but certainly improved the transport across this very busy junction, and this was before a lot of the development of the Temple Quay area.



When coupled with the ideas of drones being used to deliver to our door, will we see a whole new skyline with trams, cable cars, and flyovers in the future or do you think the waterways will be ustilised to a greater extent, especially from Temple Meads to the centre??


It would make the world of a same day courier much easier if we were able to have self drIve mini freight vehicles to carry small goods around the city centre. No holidays, tea breaks, or getting lost, I think we could be on to something here!!


How about combing the automated vehicles and the waterways with a continually moving ferry service from Temple Meads to the centre. 


Often in the news is the issue of congestion in Bristol and other major cities across the UK, alongside which are the ‘solutions’ for that congestion.


Some solutions are appropriate and effective, whilst others leave a little to be desired. Examples of these include the Cycle lift that was proposed to be installed alongside the Trenchard Street multi-storey car park to the weary commuter to avoid the hill up to Park Row.