summer delivery schedule

With the holiday season approaching fast, and annual leave booked, it is maybe worth taking a couple of minutes to consider if you will cover the same amount of deliveries with less drivers available. Will you look to work with temporary staff driving your vehicles, look to your remaining staff to undertake a few more deliveries, or something else? Might it be that you can nearly cover it all, except for that one delivery where it is always difficult to get a lorry in, or one that is just that little bit further away and takes the time of 5 drops to do.  We can even help on the Monday morning after the barbecue that went on just a bottle to long, or another cremated sausage has taken its toll on your staff.


Planet Logistics can provide a vehicle to assist in covering those extra few deliveries without the need to employ temporary staff, enabling you to maintain consistent customer satisfaction throughout.  Our vehicles can be booked in advance or at last minute to travel across the South West or the UK as needed. From our Bristol or Gloucester office Planet Logistics will assist you in your logistics hour of need.


Call us to discuss your requirements 01179 826666 or 01452 722322.