Merry Christmas from everyone at Planet Logistics!


We are very pleased to announce the recent hiring of Hollie Bancroft to the position of Field Sales Executive in the Gloucestershire area. Hollie brings with her a wealth of Sales / Logistics knowledge and a fantastic attitude and desire to help.Already out `n` about across the county, Hollie would like to meet you and is excited to learn more about your business to gain a greater understanding of your requirements so that she can provide you with the best service possible. Loves….. Tea, milk no sugar and a chocolate biscuit – WELCOME HOLLIE!!!!!!!!!!!! Visit our Facebook Page to discover more Planet news - click here  ​


Planet Logistics are proud to be supporting Every Child Needs Christmas in their logistics needs in the run up to Christmas. This is a local organisation who are collecting gifts to be distributed to children who would otherwise have nothing at Christmas. Started by a couple of mums in Weston Super Mare it has really taken off over the last 4 years with thousands of gifts expected to be donated this year. Last year they even had to pay for a hire van from their own pocket to collect and distribute the gifts donated. With some local support they are looking to wrap all these gifts on the weekend of the 8th ready for distribution the following week. You can find out a little more about this worthy cause below:  Our GIFT LIST can be accessed here-  Our DROP OFF locations can be accessed here-​

Planet Earth (is 4,600 million years old)​

If we condense this inconceivable timespan into an understandable concept, we can liken the Earth to a person of forty-six years of age. Nothing is known about the first seven years of this person's life and, whilst only scattered information exists about the middle span, we know that only at the age of forty-two did the Earth begin to flower. Dinosaurs and the great reptiles did not appear until one year ago, when the planet was forty-five. Mammals arrived only eight months ago; in the middle of last week man-like apes evolved into ape-like men and at the weekend the last ice age enveloped the Earth. Modern man has been around for four hours.During the last hour man discovered agriculture.The Industrial Revolution began just a minute ago. In the last nanosecond Planet Logistics Sameday Couriers have successfully collected and delivered your latest urgent shipment.​


 Another year gone and the 39th Balloon Fiesta has arrived. Like many people I have lived in the area for much of my life and it wasn’t until 2015 that I attended the fiesta. I was lucky enough to be there on the Friday night for the night glow, and what an occasion it was. Now the biggest balloon fiesta of its type in Western Europe it attracts around 500 000 people to Bristol over the 4 days, and it is free to attend (if you don’t park on site) which does really appeal to me! (Eds: Tight!) From the humble beginnings where the only balloons to take off where the familiar upside-down pear shape to the present day when 150 balloons of different designs are there to behold, including motorbikes, pallets, galleons, the world cup, and all manner of shaped craft taking off from Ashton Court. As well as many different shapes there are balloons from many countries across Europe and further afield, a truly multicultural get together. You can get more involved with the option of a trip in a balloon, with just a big basket to keep you safe up in the tranquil surroundings of fellow balloonists, with just the clouds to keep you company. It makes for a memorable experience or so I am told…… it is still on my bucket list. A tranquil method of transport, whilst most enjoyable, it is not the preferred method if you are looking to get something from A – B with any urgency, especially if you are at the mercy of the wind!! You can’t take off or land if the wind is too strong and if the wind isn’t there you can’t go too far, apart from up and down, but still a fabulous experience. In 2015 a solar powered balloon took off on its inaugural flight, you can’t get much more environmentally friendly than that. I guess there are many ways of getting around but few can compare with the trusty van when moving urgent items for business. Given its range, directional and speed control capabilities, it still represents a great way to move items especially when managed by Planet Logistics.​