2015 saw £1 billion spent in the 24 hours period of Black Friday with predictions that this figure will be beaten yet again in 2016. This is an incredible amount of money and transactions for websites and supply chains to contend with companies opening secondary warehouses, taking on extra staff and temporary fleet to cope.


With this event signaling the start of the festive buying period in just four weeks.  I must be honest in our house the festive buying period doesn’t start until the second week of December, and even then I still have no idea what I am buying!!Industry insiders are expecting Black Friday to be a week-long affair with £5 billion spend.


With Tesco, Argos, Marks and Spencer, Curry’s heading up the bargain league table, as ever this will encompass the inevitable electronic goods, but £2 flights and cheap holidays are also to be on offer. Many Black Friday websites are already set up to tempt you into shopping for the best bargains. To get these apparently the best time to shop is around 3.00a.m. in the morning !! I think I will stick with my current TV thank you. 


With this seasonal spike in demand, Planet Logistics are ideally placed to provide that extra delivery, or out of hours movement as and when required. As a well-established and trusted Sameday Courier based in Gloucester and Bristol we would be pleased to discuss your need. You can schedule vehicles so you may rest easy, or call us last minute to help out, either way we will be pleased to help.