Are Amazonian Advances in Logistics good for the UK?​

So Amazon, the multi-national conglomerate have announced their latest ideas on how best to improve their logistics operation.


They have just got permission to undergo a trial in the US to use an airship as a launch pad for drones undertaking deliveries to locations in the area. Carrying books, and other smaller items, the drones would deliver to the customer then return to a land based location ready to be relayed back to the ‘mothership’ via a smaller airship relay. There have been trials in Cambridge in the UK but only to locations within a few hundred metres of the launch site currently, resulting in a delivery 13 minute from the order being placed. But the delivery point was a single house with little in the way to complicate the route taken.


One idea might be to have a drop point that is kept clear with a homing beacon of sorts that drones might locate and dock with, but this may still necessitate a delivery being made outdoors.

With all the new developments that impact on the logistics market, drones, electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, I am still yet to see one that represents a viable alternative to a man and van. Often the key issues are that goods are not a regular size/shape, complicating any automated handling systems considered. Drones have further obstacles to navigate such as houses not uniform in shape, size or layout, phone cables, power lines and trees to navigate to a door. I recognise that an overpack can be used to regulate the shape and size but only for smaller items alleviating some handling issues.


In an urban environment I can just see it happening with dozens of drones delivering to an area where the local kids try to knock them out of the sky acting as sky pirates to get at the cargo held! I think there may be a new sport for 2018!!


As a Sameday Courier we may get the call to collect a document wallet one minute, weighing 0.2kg that has to be delivered in person to a court official, then a pallet of building material weighing 500kg to be delivered to a building site. Both consignments have their own bespoke handling needs that must be embraced to achieve a successful and professional delivery.


To be able to cope with both scenarios equally takes experience, adaptability, a professional driver who has been well trained in a suitably equipped vehicle, all aspects of the solution Planet Logistics provide their clients.


Whether you have a letter to go to a private address or a piece of fine art destined for Sotheby’s Planet

 Logistics are here to help!