Another year gone and the 39th Balloon Fiesta has arrived. Like many people I have lived in the area for much of my life and it wasn’t until 2015 that I attended the fiesta. I was lucky enough to be there on the Friday night for the night glow, and what an occasion it was. Now the biggest balloon fiesta of its type in Western Europe it attracts around 500 000 people to Bristol over the 4 days, and it is free to attend (if you don’t park on site) which does really appeal to me! (Eds: Tight!) From the humble beginnings where the only balloons to take off where the familiar upside-down pear shape to the present day when 150 balloons of different designs are there to behold, including motorbikes, pallets, galleons, the world cup, and all manner of shaped craft taking off from Ashton Court. As well as many different shapes there are balloons from many countries across Europe and further afield, a truly multicultural get together. You can get more involved with the option of a trip in a balloon, with just a big basket to keep you safe up in the tranquil surroundings of fellow balloonists, with just the clouds to keep you company. It makes for a memorable experience or so I am told…… it is still on my bucket list. A tranquil method of transport, whilst most enjoyable, it is not the preferred method if you are looking to get something from A – B with any urgency, especially if you are at the mercy of the wind!! You can’t take off or land if the wind is too strong and if the wind isn’t there you can’t go too far, apart from up and down, but still a fabulous experience. In 2015 a solar powered balloon took off on its inaugural flight, you can’t get much more environmentally friendly than that. I guess there are many ways of getting around but few can compare with the trusty van when moving urgent items for business. Given its range, directional and speed control capabilities, it still represents a great way to move items especially when managed by Planet Logistics.​

Riiddy makes history for Gloucester and becomes King of England​

On Sunday 16th July 2017 Akeem Ennis-Brown or Riiddy as he is known to friends made boxing history for the city of Gloucester as he was was crowned King of England in the Super-Lightweight division, dethroning hometown fighter and vastly more experienced Glenn Foot with a masterful display of skill and heart. With over 80 fans making the long trip to the North-East for a Sunday afternoon showdown at Sunderland’s stadium of light and a journey for Riiddy alongside coach Jon Pitman that began several years ago with many ups and downs, this was the platform set for Riiddy to truly make a statement and put his name on the radar of British boxing for all to take notice. The home fans on arrival at the stadium had no doubt their man Foot was going to win comfortably and go onto bigger things, BUT, what they did not expect was a deafening noise created from the south-west fans and a fighter who we all believe in to show a maturity well beyond his 21 years, combined with blistering hand speed, mesmerising footwork and the heart of a lion at times making Foot look like a “novice”, swinging wildly and missing with 4,5 and 6 punch combinations like a scene from Hollywood film the Matrix. The home crowd were soon silenced as thoughts of their man having a relatively easy nights work not quite going to plan. Riiddy started the fight with supreme confidence keeping Foot at length with his rangy jab and light footwork, constantly finding his opponents face. Every time Foot tried to pressure Riiddy he produced 2 and 3 punch combinations to stop his man getting close and then was away for Foot to be hitting nothing but fresh air. It wasn’t until round 7 when Foot started to apply some real pressure to Riiddy and land a handful of clean shots, unfazed and unhurt, Riiddy stuck to his game plan and picked Foot off to stop any momentum building. To his credit and with a record of 20-1 (before Sunday) Foot showed real heart and never became dejected when he couldn’t hit what he couldn’t see, potentially rounds 7-8 and a debatable round 9 could have been given to Foot as he knew a knockout was his only hope of retaining his title. Riiddy kept himself out of range and trouble in 10th to take the final round and it was left to the judges’ scorecards.As the away fighter and on the champions hometurf, Riiddy, his corner team and fans awaited the scorecards with the hope the judge’s had scored it as everybody had seen the fight and a unanimous points win for our pugilistic genius. When the MC for the night announced a majority decision of scorecards reading 98-92, 96-94 and 95-95 the crowd were a little stunned, but, then the words “AND THE NEW” sent everyone into pandemonium that our man had done it and was crowned English Super-Lightweight champion!!! A dejected but very humble Glenn Foot congratulated Riiddy on a superb victory as he made his way out of the ring, leaving Riiddy, his corner team and “Barmy Army” to strap the belt on and start the celebrations! An incredible achievement by Riiddy and everyone involved with his coaching and guidance to the path he is well and truly on now to hopefully greater nights like Sunday, a little closer to home next time would be nice, but I am sure the “Riiddy Riiddy Army” will travel wherever and whenever to support this humble, polite young man with an ever growing reputation. Riiddy not only becoming Gloucester’s first ever Professional English title holder, but, at 21 years old one of the youngest ever to win the belt. Riiddy, Jon Pitman and the coaching team have well and truly put Gloucester on the boxing map. Planet Logistics are extremely proud to be one of Riiddys sponsors and cannot wait to see where this win takes him on his journey.​

Will Riiddy make history on 16th July 2017?!​

Akeem Ennis Brown or “Riiddy” as he is known to friends, has the chance to make boxing history for the city of Gloucester on July 16th 2017 at Sunderland FC’s stadium of light, by becoming the first ever professional boxer from the city to win an English title. Riiddy has earned a title shot for the English Super-Lightweight belt after an emphatic and comprehensive victory over the previously undefeated Freddy Kiwitt back in November 2016 at the famous York Hall. It has been a little wait for Riiddy to get his chance and under new management of MTK they have delivered. The highly talented and slick southpaw will be up against his toughest challenge yet when he takes on Glenn Foot from Sunderland who boasts a record of 20 wins and only 1 defeat since turning professional in 2010 that defeat coming against current European and WBC International welterweight champion Sam Eggington. With his goal of achieving great things in the world of boxing and at the tender age of 21, a record of 8 wins and 0 defeats, this title will hopefully be the first stop on his way to the top. Riiddy is no stranger to pitting his talent and wits against any man in the ring as he has been regularly sparring with the likes of Ricky Burns (3-weight World Champion), Lee Selby (current IBF World Champion), Ohara Davies and Conor Benn to name a few. Under the guidance and tutorage of Jon Pitman at Fight Factory, Riiddy has come a long way since a young youth walked into the gym several years ago to learn to box and help to give him focus against the distractions a lot of young kids fall into the hands off, steering him away from a life that could have been so different to the direction it appears to be heading right now. Boxing in the West Country is on the up and Riiddy needs all the support he can. As a prospect he has to combine training 3 times a day, a job and being a relatively new Dad, with ticket sales and sponsors to finance his rise up the ranks and continue to get noticed for these chances to come along. At Planet Logistics we are extremely proud to be one of Riiddy’s sponsors and encourage the whole of Gloucester and boxing fans across the country to get behind him. Tickets will be available from Riiddy and Jon Pitman very soon so let’s take a travelling army of fans up to Sunderland as we did before to York Hall, create that atmosphere and noise to let him know that we are all very much behind him and that he is not alone on this road to greatness. ​

Are Amazonian Advances in Logistics good for the UK?​

So Amazon, the multi-national conglomerate have announced their latest ideas on how best to improve their logistics operation. They have just got permission to undergo a trial in the US to use an airship as a launch pad for drones undertaking deliveries to locations in the area. Carrying books, and other smaller items, the drones would deliver to the customer then return to a land based location ready to be relayed back to the ‘mothership’ via a smaller airship relay. There have been trials in Cambridge in the UK but only to locations within a few hundred metres of the launch site currently, resulting in a delivery 13 minute from the order being placed. But the delivery point was a single house with little in the way to complicate the route taken. One idea might be to have a drop point that is kept clear with a homing beacon of sorts that drones might locate and dock with, but this may still necessitate a delivery being made outdoors.With all the new developments that impact on the logistics market, drones, electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, I am still yet to see one that represents a viable alternative to a man and van. Often the key issues are that goods are not a regular size/shape, complicating any automated handling systems considered. Drones have further obstacles to navigate such as houses not uniform in shape, size or layout, phone cables, power lines and trees to navigate to a door. I recognise that an overpack can be used to regulate the shape and size but only for smaller items alleviating some handling issues. In an urban environment I can just see it happening with dozens of drones delivering to an area where the local kids try to knock them out of the sky acting as sky pirates to get at the cargo held! I think there may be a new sport for 2018!! As a Sameday Courier we may get the call to collect a document wallet one minute, weighing 0.2kg that has to be delivered in person to a court official, then a pallet of building material weighing 500kg to be delivered to a building site. Both consignments have their own bespoke handling needs that must be embraced to achieve a successful and professional delivery. To be able to cope with both scenarios equally takes experience, adaptability, a professional driver who has been well trained in a suitably equipped vehicle, all aspects of the solution Planet Logistics provide their clients. Whether you have a letter to go to a private address or a piece of fine art destined for Sotheby’s Planet Logistics are here to help!  


A time of giving, celebration, family, good food, traditional games, catching up with old friends relaxing and enjoying a well-earned break. Before we get to the good bit……….. A time for long hours, stress, last minute arrivals, late deliveries, panic, rush rush and the inevitable breakdowns, for the supply chain at least. Thought they were prepared until Black Friday arrived, then the ramp up to Christmas (yes I know the ‘C’ word). Whilst Sameday deliveries may not be your normal method of delivering your service to your clients, this level of service can alleviate issues before they become a customer problem, and show diligent service ensuring the customer is not let down. With high end electronics, or fragile items it represents a good value solution that is both safe and timely, enabling you to meet customer deadlines. This may support the JIT supply of items ensuring your client can meet his deadlines or final delivery of goods promised to the end user. Either way, Planet Logistics would welcome the opportunity to help you with your adhoc needs or on a more regular basis be it when a driver is taken ill, a vehicle breakdown, or just to cope with seasonal spikes. It may be less painful than waiting for an agency driver to arrive or a hire vehicle to replace a breakdown. We will keep you delivering to your clients 7 days a week. As a sameday courier based in Bristol and Gloucester we are ideally located to help you with those urgent last minute deliveries. Planet Logistics – Helping customers UK wide.​


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